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Our sales team builds looker reports based off of salesforce data but they may not know all the objects/fields that exist within salesforce. am writing to request assistance with integrating Salesforce data into our Metaphor platform. We believe that this integration would greatly benefit our sales team, analysts, and BI teams by providing them with enhanced visibility and accessibility to Salesforce data within the Metaphor environment. Here are the key points regarding our request: Salesforce Metadata Reporting Challenges: Our sales team currently works with Salesforce and builds reports based on Salesforce tables. However, they may not have comprehensive knowledge of all the objects and fields within Salesforce, and they lack visibility into the metadata associated with these tables and fields. Salesforce Integration: Salesforce serves as the source of many tables within our Snowflake data warehouse. Therefore, after the integration, we expected to see these connections reflected in the lineage within Metaphor. This visibility into the lineage would significantly benefit our analysts and BI teams in their data exploration and analysis processes. Potential Impact and Benefits: Salesforce is the primary tool utilized by our sales department, and integrating its data into Metaphor would unlock a wealth of new possibilities and insights. By bridging this gap and providing visibility into Salesforce tables and field descriptions within Metaphor, we anticipate a substantial improvement in our ability to generate the reports and insights needed to drive business success. Salesforce Metadata- https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.data_classification_metadata_fields.htm&type=5 Example of the lineage in Salesforce and the main entities is attached Thanks!
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